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Ars-Interpres, a not-for-profit publishing house based in New York City, is proud to present a series of bilingual collections of poetry in English and Russian.

The tradition of translating English language poetry is deeply engrained in the Russian literary culture of the twentieth century. However, until now Russian translators have focused their professional attention predominently on classical rather than contemporary American and British poetry. As a result, Russian readers for the most part have yet to become acquainted with contemporary English language poets. We hope to fill this cultural gap with our publications.

Our first book, a bilingual collection of poems by Eamon Grennan, was published in June of 2002. Shortly thereafter, we published translations of the collections of the work of Louise Gluck. Still to come are similar collections of the works of Billy Collins, Robert Hass, Jorie Graham, Charles Simic, Mark Strand and others. 

A team of prominent Russian poets and translators -- including current Russian residents and members of the Russian diaspora -- has assembled to create these works. In this group are, among others, Irina Mashinski, Elena Baevsky, Vladimir Gandelsman, Grigoriy Starikovskiy, Valery Chereshnya, and Grigoriy Kruzhkov.


Anthony Hecht
Wallace Stevens


Ars-Interpres is a not-for-profit publishing house dedicated to the translation of contemporary English language poetry into Russian as well as Russian poetry into English. 

Board of directors:

Vladimir Mishin
Boris Palant
Viktor Sanchuk

Board of editors:

Vladimir Gandelsman
Grigoriy Starikovskiy
Valery Chereshnya
Billy Collins
Eamon Grennan
Irina Mashinski

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