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Baron Wormser

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Baron Wormser
A Call

Revas brother Saul is on the phone,
I heard shes dying. I want to make amends.
I say nothing, wonder how time can atone

And what is the sound of Gods dial tone
An urgent beep or New Age jazz blend?
Revas brother Saul is on the phone

And I need to do more than stupidly moan.
I need to ask what it is he intends:
I say nothing, wonder how time can atone.

When a body dies the soul is most alone
As it awaits its unknowable friends.
Revas brother Saul is on the phone.

His voice is a river, a sour drone,
A satchel of grief, a star caught in a lens.
I say nothing, wonder how time can atone.

Reva is beyond the pale of words. No one
Can seize her heart, no one can reach her end.
Revas brother Saul is on the phone.
I say nothing, wonder how time can atone.

Eve Dying

The foretaste came in a bleak twitch
A memory that couldnt be,
Her final heart flinching.
She threw the caging clothes aside

And fled her housed duties
While overhead
A cold cloud glowered,
The grimace of gathered nullity.

Womb-ruined, a stone
In her dwindled voice, fast
Fear shaking the seed
Of first faith while the sour

Coffin of breathless power
Prepared its lone, acute line
A promise she knew would
Come due but could not imagine.

Her staggered, shortened moans
Formed a maidens tower
Any wind might smash,
Any wave bury.

Imagine her stretched out
On the groundno man around
The sky resolutely empty.
No painter appears or apostle.

When the jackals come near
They sniff and begin to cry,
Their voices plangent, raw
Less and more than human.

Falling Man

man fall, man fall
in bright air

angel rise
unheavy unmortal
spirit-fueled but

man fall burdened
tasked man
fall quickly
but / forever /
in bright flightless moment
unheavy / pure /

flighted moment falling
time laughing
laughing at people
so heavy / unable
to rise / wingless
any bird better
in bright air
any angel

but man fall
mind full
mouth screaming

moment shattered
glass air / empty

man fall
into earth
good earth
no laugh no scream
well coming / like time

but man fall
old story

Copyright Baron Wormser
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