Larissa Miller

Larissa Miller - a Russian lyrical poet, prose writer, and essayist. She is the author of 16 books (two in English translation) and of many publications in periodicals; her book "Where Is It Good? Everywhere And Nowhere" (2004, in Russian) is a collection of more than 800 poems and essays written in 1963 - 2002. Larissa Miller is a Member of the Union of Russian Writers (since 1979) and of the Russian Pen-Center (since 1992); in 2000, she was short-listed for the State Prize of Russian Federation, nominated for the Prize by "Novyi Mir", a famous literary journal. One can find more information at this site. The recent book of poetry by Larissa Miller, "Guests of Eternity", was published by ARC Publ. in 2008. This manuscript received the "Poetry Book Society Recommended Translation" Award.

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