Born in 1929, Igor Golomstock became well known in the Soviet Union for co-writing, with Andrey Sinyavsky, the first book to be published there on Picasso. He also, while still living in the Soviet Union, published books on Cezanne, Hieronymus Bosch and on the art of ancient Mexico. In 1972, he emigrated to the United Kingdom, where he taught at the universities of St. Andrews, Essex and Oxford, before working for many years for the BBC Russian Service. He is a co-author of Unofficial Art from the Soviet Union and Soviet Émigré Artists. His recent publications include two volumes in Russian Ц English Art and Art of the Avant-garde Ц and a bilingual volume containing reproductions of the remarkable Gulag drawings of Boris Sveshnikov. Overlook Duckworth has recently republished his authoritative Totalitarian Art, first published in English in 1990. The first half of his memoirs, covering his years in the Soviet Union, is currently being published in the journal Znamya.

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