Nikolai Baitov

Nikolai Baitov: born in 1951 in Moscow, where he continues to live. Educated in higher mathematics, he worked for twelve years as a programmer. In 1987 Baitov quit that life to become the custodian of a church. "I always counted literature among the basic occupations of my life, but I never published anything, and for all practical purposes didn't even try until the political situation in our country (and with it the æthetic climate) changed." Between 1985 and 1989, he collaborated with the poet Aleksandr Barash on the manuscript magazine Epsilon-Salon. One book of poems, Ravnovesiia Raznoglasii[Equilibria of Disagreements] appeared in 1990, and Vremena goda [Seasons] in 2001. More recently, he has been writing prose - stories and detective fiction (under a pen-name) and exploring the "book art" of manuscript books.

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