Annelisa Alleva
Annelisa Alleva
Poet, translator and essayist, Annelisa Alleva was born in Rome, where she presently lives.
She has published eight books of poetry: Mesi (Months), 1996; Chi varca questa porta (Who trespasses this door), 1998; Lettera in forma di sonetto (Letter in the form of a Sonnet), 1998; Astri e sassi (Stars and Stones), 1999; Aria di cerimonia (Air of ceremony), 2000; L'oro ereditato (The inherited gold), 2002; Istinto e spettri (Instinct and ghosts), 2003, and La casa rotta (The broken house), Premio Sandro Penna, 2010.
Among her most important works in translation are: all prose work of Pushkin, Romanzi e racconti (Novels and tales) in 1990, Anna Karenina (Premio Russia-Italia 2010 for the best Italian Translation of a Tolstoy's work), an anthology of Russian contemporary authors, Metamorfosi, in 2004, the correspondence Orest Kiprenskij e l'Italia in 2005 and an anthology of 16 Russian contemporary poets, Poeti russi oggi (Russian poets today), Premio Lerici Lea Moscow, 2008.
Her poems, memories, essays have been published in Russian on several magazines and online.
In Summer 2010 Andrej Krasavin made in Russia a short movie with her poems read in Italian and in Russian: Poe mie, Poju moe.

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