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The Launch of the English Edition of Oleg Woolf's "Bessarabian Stamps"

bessarabian stamps

December 5, 2015 - 2:00PM to 4:00PM

10 River Terrace New York, NY 10282

The StoSvet Literary Project and the Russian American Cultural Center present the launch of the English edition of Oleg Woolf's Bessarabian Stamps, translated from the Russian by Boris Dralyuk.

With Boris Dralyuk and David Shook (both via Skype), Sharon Mesmer, Mihaela Moscaliuc, Michael Waters, Jeff Friedman, and Slava Polishchuk.

Hosted by Irina Mashinski.

This event made possible by the Poets House Literary Partners Program.

"I don't know if Bessarabian Stamps is footnote, photography, short story or what. I vote for poetry. Terrific poetry!"

Gerald Stern

"The portals of Oleg Woolfs minimalist Bessarabian Stamps whirl us into the eternal universe of the Sanduleni village, whose quirky inhabitants, pained and relieved to be equal in the face of absurdity, inhabit, parabolically and courageously, the illusion of control over entrances and exits, and the discord between the self and the selfs presence. Nihilists, optimists, drunks, seers find sustenance in one anothers fabrications and stare into each others eyes until the vague contours of their fates emerge. In turn, we emerge from the splendors of this seemingly paranormal, surreal world, blessed with new visionsor, to paraphrase Woolf, with our inner eyes screwed up, set to work."

Mihaela Moscaliuc

In my whole life I never got one letter / with its blue stamp cancelled in Asia, wrote Nazim Hikmet. Here now is Bessarabian Stamps, uncancelled, from a place where Asia and Eastern Europe meet, the village of Sanduleni, in which we find that old, flaking, threadbare towel that emits a barely visible light even during the day. Such attention to the details of humdrum existence earns the village characters their wisdom: Theres such a glut of people on this earth that tossing each other aside is an absolute crime. We are lucky to have this extraordinary book, and our loss of its author reverberates with every page.

Michael Waters

Terribly good!

Andrei Codrescu

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