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This year the readings are dedicated to the generation of Russian-American poets born in

the late 1960s and 1970s.

Featured in the program are readings by

Polina Barskova

Dana Golin

Helga Olshvang

Evgeny Rakovich

Elena Suntsova

Alexander Stessin

Alexander Veytsman.

We will also be presenting the new books published by StoSvet Press: Diptych by Slava Polishchuk, dedicated to the memory of two friends of the author: poet Oleg Woolf and artist Alexey Afanasyev, as well as the Storony Sveta journal #15 and other new StoSvet publications.

Press, will be available for purchase at discounted event prices.

Presented by the StoSvet Literary Project (Irina Mashinski, editor-in-chief) and

RACC (Regina Khidekel, director)

Saturday, December 6

Russian Bookstore No.21

174 Fifth Ave, New York, New York 10010

Web-sites :

Oleg Woolf : http://www.stosvet.net/union/woolf/

Slava Polishchuk : http://www.stosvet.net/14/polischuk/


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