Photo by M.Polyakov

Oleg Woolf was born in 1954 in Moldova. A physicist by training, he traveled with geophysical expeditions of the Moscow Institute of Physics of The Earth to the Ural Mountains, Pamir, Altai, and the Caucasus. In 1989, he emigrated to the United States where he lived until his death in 2011. Oleg Woolf authored two books: Bessarabian Stamps (Stosvet Press, 2009 ) and We Will See Sosnov in Spring (Stosvet Press, 2010) . His short stories, essays, and poetry have been regularly featured in the leading literary periodicals and anthologies both in Russia and abroad, most recently in World Literature Today. In 2005, Oleg Woolf founded the Stosvet literary project, which ultimately featured under one umbrella such journals, as Cardinal Points and Стороны света, as well as the Compass Translation Award, Union “I” portal, and Stosvet Press.

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