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Yvonne Green

Silent Blessing

War Poem

There are no heroic deaths in war,
if you round people up they cry like stuck pigs,
if you run with a bayonet you wet your pants
if you kill with a drone, computer games
make you crazy when your kids play them.

For evil not to triumph good people
need do nothing but advocate, negotiate, react,
be diplomatic, watchful, mindful.

They need to listen, hear,
answer not placate, resist not fight,
determine not dominate, be dutiful not expectant.
And ramparts will give way to borders,
wars will be averted before
they grow tired, seed poppies,
make mounds, cinders of macheted limbs,
empty boy's bowels, girl's wombs.


How to beat your wife

"If the husband wants to use beatings to treat his wife
Yehjib, yehjib, yehjib
Allah yakuna al mama lahab

never, never, never, do it in front of the children.
It must remain between him and her.
The husband must not cause her to bleed.
The husband must not break any bones.
He should avoid her face and other
sensitive parts of her body.
If a person violates these rules
he violates the rules of Allah.
He cannot do whatever he wants with his wife
because she is not his merchandise.
Even if the wife forgives her husband
it doesn't mean Allah will on judgement day"
So I heard speak Sheik Abdullah aal Mukhmoud
for Bahraini State T.V. on 20th June 2005.


Silent Blessing

Haven't you done a good job
of raising English children
shh you whisper
isn't it better
we say nothing
that way they may find out
for themselves, shh you whisper,
as softly as your grandparents
went to their graves