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Peter France was born in Northern Ireland of Welsh parents and has lived at various places in England, France and Canada. He is now based in Edinburgh, where he was professor of French from 1980 to 2000. He has written many studies of French and Russian literature (including Poets of Modern Russia, 1982), and is the editor of the Oxford Guide to Literature in English Translation and general editor of the five-volume Oxford History of Literary Translation in English. He has translated French and Russian prose texts as well as several volumes of Russian poetry - Blok and Pasternak (with Jon Stallworthy), Mayakovsky, and in particular Gennady Aygi, including Selected Poems 1954-1994 (Angel/NorthWestern), Child-and-Rose (New Directions), Field-Russia (New Directions), and most recently Winter Revels (Rumor Press). He is currently preparing a volume of translations of Baratynsky.

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